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Many workplaces present dangers to staff either directly or indirectly. As an employer it is important to supply adequate protection from all workplace hazards, and also to ensure that workers are trained in the implementation of these safety products and, of course, that they are used. A well equipped worker will be more efficient, happy and productive and safer in their workplace. A great many options are available, in particular in the fields of PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) such as safety eye wear, ear defenders and emergency breathing equipment as well as gas detection devices.

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3M Peltor WS Alert Headset

3M Peltor WS Alert Headset

The WS Alert X combines hearing defence, a noise cancelling boom microphone :  for use in noisy environments with Bluetooth connectivity.
Fall Arrest Protection

Fall Arrest Protection

When working at height or within confined spaces choosing the right Fall Arrest solution is one of the most important safety decisions to be made.
Best Ear Defenders for Shooting

Best Ear Defenders for Shooting

Anyone involved with the operation of a gun, either professionally or for leisure will require some sort of ear protection.

Bollé Prescription Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles

Try safety prescription glasses, made just for you using your prescription and in a style chosen by you.  Glasses and Goggles to protect your eyes at work.

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