If you are working in situations where there may be a risk to your eyes, you should always wear safety glasses.
There are varying types to suit industry needs, varying in level of protection against impact, the material strengths and properties, and also light variations.
Most glasses are made from polycarbonate, making them lightweight, but strong. The main thing about safety glasses is not taking them off!!

Additionally, safety glasses may have an anti-fog coating, making them resistant to condensation and fogging of the glass. This prevents the need for removing the safety glasses in temperature variant conditions.
They may have properties that enhance the protective capabilities in all environments, from X-ray departments to chemical resistance.

Prescription safety glasses avoid the need to wear your existing glasses and then wear a pair of safety glasses on top on them.
If you do this you only have one pair that have the specific safety requirements, and, in fact, the repercussions of wearing a secondary pair of glasses can be serious.

protect your eyes

For instance, the impact resistance of a pair of safety glasses might factor in a degree of flexibility as an object hits the lens.
Although this would not be a danger to your eye, if there were another obstacle, like your existing glasses, in the way, the flex may shatter them, thus causing a potentially serious injury.
Likewise if your safety eyewear has an anti-fog coating, but your standard prescription eyewear does not, your glasses will fog up, leaving you vulnerable as you take them off to clean them, defeating the safety objective.

No matter how big and durable you may feel your existing glasses are, they will not have the properties of an industry confirming safety certified pair of prescription safety Glasses.
You only have one pair of eyes. Protect them properly, buy prescription safety glasses from Best4Safety.

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