Safety Products for the Workplace - PPE

About Eye Protection

Eyes are one of the most delicate and easily damaged parts of the human body; thankfully they are also one of the most easily protected. One of the biggest issues faced by employers is that even though they may supply staff with the best in eye protection it is common for workers to remove their eye wear during the working day. This can never be 100% legislated against but a lightweight pair of well fitted safety glasses will minimise the likelihood of such action as will a good anti fog covering.


Basic Safety Specs

Basic safety glasses will cover the eyes, offering protection from ingress of particles. This threat can come from many activities such as grinding, drilling or any other such activity where there is the possibility of airborne particles.
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Impact Protection

Some activities will require not just protection from airborne particles and dust, but will need to protect from impact. There are four distinct levels :

  • F - eye protection from small objects at up to 45 m/s
  • B - eye protection from small objects at up to 120 m/s
  • A - eye protection from small objects at up to 190 m/s
  • T - eye protection from small objects at extremes of temperature

Radiation Protection

High levels of UV or Infrared radiation can damage the eyesight.

  • 2 - UV Protection with possible colour distortion
  • 2C - UV Protection with little or no colour distortion - EN170
  • 4 - Protection from Infra Red - EN171
  • 5 - Total UV Protection, Solar Protection (EN172)- No Infrared Protection
  • 5 - Total UV Protection, Solar Protection (EN172)- Infrared Protection

Light Ingress

Some working practices call for greater protection from bright light :

  • 1.2 - allows between 74% and 100% of light through
  • 1.7 - allows between 43% and 58% of light through
  • 2.5 - allows between 18% and 30% of light through
  • 3.1 - allows between 8% and 18% of light through

Prescription Glasses

Not everyone has 20-20 vision and wearing prescription glasses under small goggles can be unwieldy and uncomfortable - with our scheme it is possible to purchase bespoke fitted prescription safety glasses for many wearing conditions .
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