Q. Battery life – What is the battery life of the 3M Versaflo Tr-300+ Powered Air Turbo?
Battery Duration (with new filter and new battery)

  • Economy battery pack (11.1V, 2.6Ah Li metal rechargeable) 4.5-6 hours
  • High capacity battery pack (11.1V, 4.8Ah Li metal rechargeable) 9-12 hours

Q. Is the 3M Versaflo noisy?
No it is not. There is an audible alarm that identifies when the filter needs changing or the battery is low that sounds at 85dB(A) at 10cm, but apart from that it is very quiet.

Q. How do I know the battery life of the 3M Versaflo?
There are audible and visual alarm signals identifying low battery charge or low airflow

Q. Does the 3M Versaflo TR-300+ have particulate filters?
Yes. The Versaflo has filtering capabilities for Particulate filters, Organic Filters , and Non-Organic Filters.

Q. How long does it take to re-charge the battery pack?

  • Economy battery back = less than 3 hours
  • High capacity battery pack = less than 3.5 hours

Q. Is the 3M Versaflo heavy?
No. The unit is very light at just over 1Kg

Q. What is the Standard is the TR-300+ approved to?
 Standards The TR-300 Powered Air Turbo, in combination with 3M approved headtops, has been tested and approved to EN12941