Kenwood Protalk 3301T License Free Radio

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PMR446 Radios

The Kenwood Protalk TK-3301 / TK3301T is a rugged two way radio that works on the PMR446 frequency. This is a frequency that license free radios can work on and if you have another PMR446 two way radio you should be able to tune them together.

There is no limit to the number of two way radios you can have on the same frequency so you can use as many Kenwood Protalk TK-3301 / TK3301T radios together as you want.

Rugged Two Way Radio
When manufacturing the Kenwood Protalk TK-3301 / TK3301T radio, Kenwwod made sure that it was extremely robust and hard wearing. In fact the Kenwood TK-3301 / TK3301T is built to an industry standard of IP55 and will even pass tough military standards.
The Kenwood Protalk TK-3301 / TK3301T is a very easy to use two way radio as all the settings are uncomplicated and easy to control. The radio has a selection dial at the top to allow the channels to be changed quickly and there is even a battery warning indicator to alert you if the battery is running low.

Complete Radio Package
Each Kenwood Protalk TK-3301 / TK3301T two way radio comes complete with a rechargeable battery, rapid charger and belt clip. This ensures that you get everything that you need to get up and running without having to purchase extra parts. Even if you have currently have PMR446 radios, the Kenwood Protalk TK-3301 / TK3301T can tune into the frequencies so will not impact on any previous investment.


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