3M Peltor Litecom Ear Defenders

3M Peltor Litecom Ear Defenders

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When working in high noise levels Team Communications is often vital not just for safety but to also maintain and often improve productivity. Traditionally such solutions were based around a radio on your hip, a communication headset on the head then a cable dangling down the side of the body connecting the two. This cable brought its own safety hazard as it was possible to get snagged around machinery or caught on other objects which would then rip itself from and then damage the radio along with the cable leading to both requiring repairs.

3M Peltor then launched the Litecom range of headsets. An all encompassing headset designed for high noise level areas that was cable and hands free offering Team Communication with no restriction on the amount of users. With the license free comms radio actually built into the headset it meant no dangling cables and no radio to fall from the hip.

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The Litecom range of headsets are voice operated so in essence all you need to do is speak and your voice is transmitted to the team without any need to press any button. This means that productivity is always maintained and often increased as full communication can be maintained without leaving the high noise level area which is often the case.

If you are working within a high noise level that may have reversing traffic, fork lifts, fire alarms without beacons, it is worth noting that the Litecom Plus has the ability to allow low levels of noise to the user so you are always aware of your surrounding potential dangers. As soon as a high impact dangerous noise happens the headsets blocks it instantaneously thus protecting the wearer at all times. The Litecom Plus headset is also available with Bluetooth allowing communication via your phone or tablet as well as with your team. This would be ideal for team managers / foremen who need external comms from the team.

Available to either fit over the head or to clip to a helmet the 3M Peltor Litecom range of headsets are the perfect team solution for high noise level areas.