About Honeywell Supplied Air

About Honeywell Supplied Air

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Supplied air systems provide clean and breathable air to the user via an air regulator in conjunction with an existing site condenser. This is often the go to solution for spray painting particularly when dealing with paints that contain isocyanates. Isocyanates are potent irritants which over time can cause irreparable damage to the mucous membranes of the eyes as well as the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Continued exposure can also lead to developing asthma and put you at risk of an attack.

Isocyanates are often found in paints used in metalwork or vehicle body shops and there is currently no portable PAPR solution on the market that will protect you from these dangers though Honeywell, who are well known for their industrial safety solutions, can provide the protection you require in a lightweight, durable package in the form of the Airvisor 2.

This all-in-one Airvisor 2 system from Honeywell contains everything you need out of the box to maintain and often improve productivity safely including an air regulator, compressed air supply tubing and protective hood & visor combo. The Honeywell hoods are designed with spray painting in mind and utilise a wide visor for increased field of vision plus neck protection to cover exposed skin and maintain hygiene. All versions of the Honeywell Airvisor 2 ship with universal CEJN (quick connect coupling) fittings so you can continue to use any tubing that you may already have connected to your existing compressor. The Paint Spraying kit also includes a spray gun air hose with quick release connectors and 2 disposable visor covers. For situations where hazardous chemicals are being used, the bundle includes a chemical resistant visor screen made from cellulose acetate, providing maximum facial protection.

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