About the Honeywell PA500 Series PAPR

About the Honeywell PA500 Series PAPR

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In line with the recent updates and enforcements on HSE policy, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your team is fully protected with sufficient respiratory protection whilst on the job. Too often we have encountered organisations that sacrifice their colleague’s safety when faced with adapting their current solutions and methodology by simply buying the cheapest, not fit for purpose option.

The prospect of kitting out your team with this equipment can seem daunting, particularly when faced with a number of different options, and an increasingly lean budget. However, rest assured that there is nothing complex to understand when it comes to implementing the Honeywell North Primair PA500 system into your team, and, at a price that will not break the bank.

The Honeywell PA500 is a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) designed for use in environments where protection against fine particulates is required, such as in stonemasonry, woodwork, construction, food manufacture and healthcare, and features P3 particulate filtration suitable for protection against 20 x the safe Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL)- the best level of particulate protection on the market.

Utilising this kind of system also negates the need for Face Fit Testing for every team member who needs suitable protection, usually associated with standard FFP3 masks, or full face masks. The hoods and helmets used with this system maintain a system of positive pressure, negating the need for a perfect seal meaning that anyone with a beard can remain protected and will not need to be clean shaven to use it.

The PA500 is lightweight, allowing comfort for long periods of use and the battery life on this system is excellent as well, maintaining performance for 9-11 hours in between charges. Its easily cleaned down and requires minimal maintenance.

If you’d like to have a discussion today to determine the best and most cost effective solution for you, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Best4Safety.


Q: Can multiple people use the same PA500?
A: Yes absolutely! The only requirement is that each user has their own headtop (hood or helmet) to maintain hygiene.

Q: I am a woodworker and a kick up a lot of dust, would the Honeywell PA500 system be OK for me?
A: The PA500 is specifically designed for dealing with particulates in the air which is exactly what you are generating with your woodworking so yes, it would be ideal for you.

Q:How long does the filter last on a Honeywell PA500?
A: This depends on the level of particulate contamination that you have. For example, a Healthcare worker could continue using the same filter for around 6 months where a Stonemason may have to change filter every 2 weeks. The PA500 will let you know when you are down to your last 25% of protection giving ample time to acquire a replacement filter.

Q: Is the Honeywell PA500 Series suitable for dealing with asbestos?
A: The PA500 is suitable for use when drilling through asbestos, or for initial (Type 1) surveys, however, it is not suitable for asbestos removal.

Q: Can I use the Honeywell PA500 Series for spray painting?
A: With exception to powder based paints, this system is not designed to be used for spray painting. As such, we’d recommend contacting us directly to discuss the best system for you to use.

View the Honeywell PA500 Series PAPR here