About 3M™ Speedglas welding equipment.

About 3M™ Speedglas welding equipment.

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It is a sad fact that sufficient PPE for welders is often overlooked. Certainly, it's considered standard to have some kind of protective visual mask, but all too often respiratory protection is either ignored or relegated to an uncomfortable, not fit for purpose, disposable face mask worn under the visor for sake of ease and budget. Indeed, HSE currently estimates that incorrectly spec’d respiratory protection leads to 40-50 workers a year being hospitalised for such conditions as acute Irritant-Induced Asthma, Metal Fume Fever and acute Pneumonia. Continued use of improperly spec’d equipment can lead to chronic conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Welder’s Lung and various forms of Lung Cancer.

Similarly, the use of more general, unspecified visor solutions can lead to various neurological ailments, Ocular Melanoma and Arc-Eye.

It is therefore imperative that you ensure that your team is sufficiently and correctly protected from respiratory and ocular dangers in the workplace, ensuring both their safety and continued work schedule.

The options can seem overwhelming in choice, however, 3M™ have made this extremely simple with their range of Complete Welding Solutions. These integrate best-in-class ocular protection utilising their Speedglas G5 helmet range along with their Adflo™ PAPR. These complete kits come with a few different options, catering to your team’s particular needs.

The G5 helmet has been designed using input from welders working at high amperages who grind frequently, offering protection from radiation and sparks/spatter, and the innovative ducting system allows you to direct the airflow from your PAPR within the helmet for maximum comfort during extended use. The size is also fully adjustable with extra padding. The G5 also allows you to connect up using the 3M™ Connected Equipment app, allowing you to quickly and easily change your visors settings without the need to take your helmet off. It will record your use statistics and maintenance log, and, give you instant access to your statistics including hours on, hours in dark or light state and on/off cycles.

The G5 is available with 2 optical filter options, both with Auto Darkening Filter. The ‘TW’ is specifically designed for most forms of TIG & Tack Welding, Plasma (welding and cutting) and grinding offering variable dark shade 5, 8-14 and dark state colours. The ‘VC’ features a Variable Colour filter, covering you for welding & grinding as well as MMAW (Electrode), MIG/MAG and Shade 14 UV/IR protection.

The Adflo™ PAPR offers consistent protection against both fine particulates and gases associated with welding and working with galvanised metals. They feature a Nominal Protection Factor up to 500 (TH3) when paired seamlessly with a Speedglas™ helmet and feature adjustable airflow for additional control of your comfort.

Should you wish to discuss the best protection options for you and your team, please contact the Best4Safety Experts today.


Q: Is there a protective bag available that I can store this in?
A: Absolutely, in fact the combined G5 & Adflo™ starter kits all come with a protective, cushioned, zip up bag to help protect your investment.

Q: Can this complete kit be used when spray painting?
A: The Adflo™ PAPR would not be suitable for most spray painting applications, however, the G5 Speedlgas helmet can be paired with a 3M™ V-500 Air Regulator to provide a clean, supplied air solution.

Q: I work in dark environments, is there a solution for this?
A: There is, the G5 has an lighting attachment available that connect to the front of your visor. This is designed to give a configurable, even light distribution and requires no additional battery as its powered by the connected Adflo respiratory system.

Q: Will the Adflo™ PAPR connect up to my existing 9100 mask?
A: This will depend on the exact model of Speedglas™ 9100 mask you have as some models of the 9100 do not allow for connecting an Adflo™. Please get in touch with us to help us find the right kit for you.

Q: Is the G5 suitable for use laser welding/cutting?
A: Unfortunately, the G5 would not be suitable for use with laser welding/cutting.


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