Best Telephones for Ferries and Terminals

Best Telephones for Ferries and Terminals

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Reliable emergency communications on Ferries or at port is paramount. The potentially harsh environments demand for performance and reliability and market leader Gai-Tronics have the Telephony solutions for every situation.

Available in either Analogue Line / VOIP Line or GSM, the Gai-Tronics Telephones with an IP rating of IP65/IP66 deliver safe communication precisely when required. Robust and weather resistant with vandal proof cords the Gai-Tronics Commander & Titan range of telephones stand the test. Each telephone is available in a full 18 button keypad, a quick dial 6 button keypad or a Zero button Autodial with each button being large and tactile for easy dialling.

The Gai-Tronics Commander body is moulded in glass filled polyester to prevent rust and corrosion. It is simple to install with fixings concealed from view giving increased security. The Gai-Tronics Titan’s aluminium body is robust last longer in hostile outdoor environments and with its spring loaded door it also gives extra weather protection to the telephone.

Connectivity to the internal communications of a Ferry or Ship is very straightforward. The standard analogue unit provides basic telephone functions and can be connected to any standard two-wire telephone line, including FXS ports, analogue PABX lines and PSTN.

Connectivity over VOIP / SIP supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) to combine power and connection to LAN.

The phones are available is the following variants :


Gai-Tronics Commander Telephone
Gai-Tronics Commander SIP Telephone
Gai-Tronics GSM Commander Telephone


Gai-Tronics Titan Analogue
Gai-Tronics Titan SIP Telephone
Gai-Tronics GSM R Titan Telephone