PAPR Solution for Particulate Filtration

PAPR Solution for Particulate Filtration

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The Honeywell North® Primair™ Premium Particulate Powered Air Solution is an excellent choice for independent contractors and mobile workers. Offering P3 level (20 x WEL) filtration it is without doubt the most cost effective PAPR solution for environments that require particulate filtration and consequently is typically found deployed in workshops as well as being used by stonemasons, builders and H&S assessment personnel.

We’ve put together this bundle with everything that you will require to get straight to work. This bundle includes:

Honeywell PA500 PAPR Starter Kit with P3 Filter

This starter kit contains everything that you need to commence your work right away. The system itself is lightweight, comfortable and offers 20 x WEL P3 fine particulate protection. Included within this starter kit is the powered air unit itself, a long life battery and charger, a P3 filter and cover, an airflow meter, a breathing tube and a nylon belt.

Honeywell PA911EU ‘Bump Cap’ Helmet

The helmet included in this bundle offers excellent thermal control via its optimized air-flow distribution and has a multi point adjustment for maximum comfort as well as providing ‘bump cap’ level of physical head protection. The visor features both anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.

Premium Particulate Powered Air Solution

This complete solution is the premium choice if you are looking for the best protection at an affordable price point. If you would like any further information on this product or Powered Air Solutions in general please call the experts now on 01903 896630 .