Dentists to Remain Open for Lockdown 2

Dentists to Remain Open for Lockdown 2

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With the recent announcement of another national lockdown it is worth knowing that although what can be considered as non essential services such as entertainment and hospitality will be shut down, healthcare will continue to provide what is a very necessary service.

The healthcare services allowed to stay open during lockdown include private medical services and dental surgeries. Safety is of course, a primary consideration in deciding what can run during the lockdown and it is clear that medical personnel, being educated in viral transmission, are best placed to put into place sensible and safe working practices.

During the previous lockdown it became apparent that many people were delaying seeking medical help and advice on non COVID related issues, in part for fear of infection and in part to relieve the stress on the NHS :

The organisation said that the coronavirus pandemic had disrupted the diagnosis, treatment and care of millions of cancer patients, leading Macmillan Cancer Support to warn that cancer is at risk of becoming “the forgotten ‘C’”, with the NHS currently overwhelmed by a backlog of cases.

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