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Ear Plug Ear Defenders from 3M Peltor

Ear Plug Ear Defenders from 3M Peltor

Peltor, a 3M brand, are well known for their ranges of ear defenders. They produce market leading solutions in hearing protection for a variety of industries and situations which include : industry, oil and gas, formula one, aviation, tactical teams and construction. These ear defenders provide differing attenuation levels and some provide the facility to communicate between headsets.

ear defender plugs 3m peltor

Most of these ear defenders provide their hearing protection by virtue of over the ear cups.

However, a new, less obtrusive breed of ear defense is the ear plug. Ear plugs have been used for a long time to provide a physical barrier for hearing protection but technological advances from the ever busy 3M research and development team has lead to the sort of smart hearing protection that is far less wieldy than the traditional ear defenders whilst offering active conversation without removing your ear plugs.



The EEP-100 EU Electronic Earplug Kit provides a very portable and efficient solution. They are lightweight and are supplied with a charging case which provides simple storage and is IP54 Rated.

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