PAPR in film production

PAPR in film production

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For Prop / Scenery Makers - the Property Master

Within the realms of film and theatre productions it can be argued, with little effort, that the backbone of success can be found at the hands of the propmakers and scene builders. Auteur directing and perfect casting is all well and good, but if your leading man looks like he’s holding a rubber sword and your star actress appears to be eating cardboard scenery then it can entirely ruin a production.

It's vital that production teams are given ample time and budget to avoid this kind of catastrophe, however, in the real world this is a scarce commodity. As such anything that can be done to maximize efficiency can be a lifesaver. An intrinsic part of this is to ensure that the team has sufficient, easy to use PPE to hand.

Typically, we have found with our customers in the creative industry that PAPR solutions incorporating ABE1P3 filtration have ticked every box – ensuring fine particulate protection against wood, metal and stonework and covering the larger majority of sprayed paints and finishes.

Popular products for prop makers in film are the following, though do get in touch should you have any questions TR-619 starter kit, S-757 spray painters hood and the Ultimate ABEK Bundle

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