Versaflo Maintenance

Versaflo Maintenance

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Ensuring you have a respiratory protection solution whilst on the job is paramount to your team’s health, however, of equal importance is making sure that you have the correct filter for the job and that the kit you are using is maintained sufficiently. Below we set out some key points to make sure that your PAPR solution continues functioning efficiently and safely.

How Often Should I Replace My PAPR Filters & Spare Parts?

Properly maintaining your PAPR system maintains productivity and can have a number of benefits from a safety perspective. Below we highlight each key consumable and the most practical time to replace it.


The main purpose of the pre-filter is to stop any larger particles from entering the PAPR system and prematurely depleting your particulate filter. It’s recommended that you should inspect your pre-filter regularly for any saturation or damage. This will have a direct knock-on effect on the other components within your PAPR system. By regularly changing the pre-filter, it will reduce the workload of the particulate filter. During the lifetime of your PAPR, it’s more cost-effective to regularly replace the pre-filter than the particle filter. This will save you money and help extend the life of your PAPR.
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Spark Arrestor

Whilst checking your pre-filter, it is prudent to make a habit of checking the spark arrestor at the same time. Its purpose is to help prevent sparks and other hot particles from damaging the filter, something that can potentially happen if you are welding, grinding or working in a foundry. Similar to the pre-filter, it plays an important role and should be changed upon signs of damage. Damage to the spark arrestor can lead to additional damage to the internal workings of the turbo unit. By regularly inspecting and replacing the spark arrestor, you will benefit the overall safety of your PAPR.
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Particulate Filter

It’s largely recommended to replace and dispose of filters after 40 hours of use or every 30 days, whichever comes first. However, every workplace is different and the amount of time your filter takes to become full can vary depending on a number of factors including the substance you are defending against, the space the PAPR is being used in and the condition of the pre-filter and spark arrestor. If a filter becomes damaged, blocked, or breathing becomes strained the filter should be replaced right away. When the filter you are using reaches 75% capacity, the turbo unit itself will alert you with an indicator LED informing you that its time to look at replacing the filter.
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Airflow Indicator

Included in the TR-315 starter kit is an airflow indicator. This simple device allows you to check before and after use that your PAPR is blowing out air at a sufficient rate to maintain respiratory protection and is an invaluable tool in maintaining the health of your PAPR. With it, you can quickly determine whether your system is working correctly so it is essential to use this before using the PAPR to maintain safety.
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Breathing Tube/Cover

Your breathing tube should be substituted as soon as it becomes damaged or starts leaking air. Its durability can be improved via the use of a breathing tube cover.
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Maintenance Guide

Finally, included with your TR-300 series Versaflo is a comprehensive maintenance guide that will assist you with the best practices to ensure your PAPR continues to run smoothly.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your PAPR equipment - get in touch with the team here.


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