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3M™ Versaflo™ Theatre & Film Prop Maker Bundle

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This bundle has been created with theatre & film prop production teams in mind, combining the TR-600 series 3M Versaflo unit with an ABE1P Filter and M-206 respiratory protection helmet.

With this kit, you will be protected against organic substances with a boiling point >65C, inorganic gases, acid gases and fine particulates.

Complete with bump cap level head protection offered by the M-206 helmet, you will have a complete solution allowing you to manufacture the props you require to keep your production on schedule.

3M™ Versaflo™ TR-619E Powered Air Starter Kit

  • No fit test required
  • Ergonomically designed to fit close to the body and allow for greater movement in tight workspaces
  • Three user selectable flow rates for improved comfort
  • Controlled airflow delivers steady flow despite battery discharge or particulate filter loading
  • The display shows the battery charge status and particulate loading status during use
  • No user calibration of the turbo is required
  • Electronic audible, visual and vibratory alarmin case of low battery and/or low airflow
  • Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use two-button operation
  • Lightweight lithium-ion battery with LED to indicate charge status
  • Multiple belt size adjustments for proper fit and comfort
  • The belt is designed with flexible air channels to minimise heat buildup
  • Suitable for shower decontamination (IP54) when using filter cover and temporary submersion (IP67) when fitted with cleaning plugs

3M™ Versaflo™ M-207 Helmet

  • M-207 Helmet with standard comfort faceseal
  • Lightweight, compact and well-balanced faceshield with a comfortable faceseal for dusts, spraying and chemical processing
  • Highly versatile - Integrated protection from a range of respiratory, face, bumpcap, eye and hearing hazards
  • Increased control and comfort with the deflector which allows users to direct the airflow inside the headtop
  • Easy To Maintain - Spare parts and accessories are quick, easy and intuitive to replace
  • Visor design combines excellent peripheral and downward vision with good optical clarity
  • Coated Polycarbonate visor provides added chemical and scratch resistance
  • Easy To Maintain - Spare parts and accessories are quick, easy and intuitive to replace

What's in the box

  • Powered Air Turbo (TR-602UK)
  • Respiratory Helmet (M-206)
  • ABE1P Filter (TR-6130E)
  • Filter Cover (TR-6100FC)
  • A2P filter (TR-6310E)
  • Filter cover (TR-6300FC)
  • 10x Prefilter (TR-6600)
  • 2x Spark arrestor (TR-662)
  • Easy clean belt (TR-627)
  • High-capacity battery (TR-632)
  • Single station battery charger kit (TR-641UK)
  • Breathing Tube (BT-30)

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