A Complete Honeywell PAPR Solution

A Complete Honeywell PAPR Solution

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When selecting a suitable PAPR solution, the options can seem a bit overwhelming.

Of course, your main goal is to ensure that you have a system with suitable filtration against the substances you are working with, however, it can’t be denied that budget can play a significant factor in your decision. It is an unfortunate fact that unsuitable PAPR options are at times purchased incorrectly in an effort to keep costs down which can lead to long term health issues to the user.

Honeywell PAPR Solution

However, there is absolutely a solution available that will achieve both top tier protection whilst keeping your costs to an acceptable level. At Best4Safety, we offer the Honeywell North® Primair™ Complete Industrial ABEK Solution, a potent bundle that will protect you from the vast majority of substances that a PAPR system can handle whilst providing physical head protection with its included Honeywell PA911EU head cap.

The system is able to offer respiratory protection from:

* Fine Particulates
* Organic vapours with a boiling point >65C°
* Acid Gases
* Ammonia

This is an excellent choice for most workshops and industrial applications providing a more cost effective solution than most others in the marketplace.

View the Honeywell PAPR Solution Here

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