Fall Arrest Protection

Fall Arrest Protection

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When working at height or within confined spaces choosing the right Fall Arrest solution is one of the most important safety decisions to be made. Here at Best4Safety we offer a complete solution of Fall Arrest Harnesses, Anchorage, Lanyards and Self Retracting Lines suitable for industries such as Construction, Utilities, Wind Energy, Telecom, Transport and General maintenance.

Working at Height Danger

  • Falls from height are N°1 cause of workplace fatalities and a major cause of serious injury
  • Your are working at height where, If a fall was to occur it is likely to result in an injury
  • The Work at Height regulations 2005 sets out a Hierarchy of Controls to protect against a fall

The points of a Fall Protection solution are a simple as A B C.

  1. Anchor Point : How is the Fall Protection solution going to fix securely to your working environment.
  2. Body Harness : How long will you be working at height and how many points of connectivity is best suited for your application?
  3. Connecting Device : What type of lanyard is best suited for your safety? A standard or a Self Retracting Lanyard (SRL)

Fall Arrest Solutions

Fall Arrest Protection


As the name suggests - these are the base point of any system whereby a suitable connection is made to an immovable object.

These Include :
Structural Anchors, Transportable Temporary Anchors, – Davits and Tripods, Horizontal Flexible Lines.


The anchorage needs to attach to the person that it is protecting - hence there exists an array of harness types which allow various levels of mobility suitable for the tasks in hand and providing optimal safety protection.

These Include :
1 or 2 point Harness, Belted (4 pt)Harness, Suspension Harness, Rescue -Confined Space Harness Specialist Harnesses.


Various connections are available for connection between the anchor point and the harness/ body support. These can be fixed length, lanyards, flexible material or fall arrest.

Some lanyards will be no more than a rope which will allow the wearer to fall a maximum of 2m before being protected. More complex solutions involve self retracting lanyards ( similar to a car's safety belt ) or self retracting lifelines.

The key questions to be answered are what are the tasks being undertaken at height and how long for?

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