3M Peltor Litecom Plus Headset - New Model

3M Peltor Litecom Plus Headset - New Model

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The new 3M Peltor Litecom Plus Headset has been the stalwart for communication at distance in high noise areas for almost a decade. We are delighted to announce the release of the new and enhanced model with some key benefits that will continue to improve productivity within the workplace.

Hands free communication at a safe distance in high noise areas has been the buzz product since March 2020 and the 3M Peltor Litecom Plus is the most assured tried and tested solution for any manufacturing industrial environment.

No cables, no fuss! The latest model now boasts 16 channels of licence free radio channels which is double that of the previous model ensuring that wherever you may be, the chances of frequency congestion is at its most minimal.

A second enhancement would be the waterproof mic being the capsule is now completely sealed to protect against spittle which has historically created issues, now a thing of the past. In a striking Hi Viz the 3M Peltor Litecom Plus is now a highly visible part of your PPE that maybe worn.


Reducing existing high noise levels by 33db (31db Helmet Mount) the 3M Peltor Litecom Plus protects the user from those dangerous high impact sounds whilst providing uninterrupted communications between a team of any size.

For those workplaces that have fork Lift Trucks, Traffic or Fire Alarms without beacons then the Level Dependent Active Sound Functionality will be a necessity for safety.

The small microphone on each cup has the intelligence to allow your ambient noise under 82db into the user so they are always fully aware of any potential dangers that are around them. As soon as there is a high impact noise level the headset shuts down immediately and the user is protected.

This Level Dependent Functionality is essential for many workplaces and it is important that the correct PPE equipment is deployed for the safety of all staff at all times. If you are ever in doubt on what 3M Peltor Litecom is best for you please call our experts on 01903 896630 and we would be delighted to assist you.

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