What Kind Of Respiratory Protection Do I Need?

What Kind Of Respiratory Protection Do I Need?

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Whether you are a qualified Health & Safety officer for a large industrial firm or an independent business owner with a workshop of your own, respiratory safety must play a vital role in your health and safety risk assessment process – particularly in the current climate.

Simply choosing the correct system for your needs can be a daunting prospect, both in terms of the kind of protection you require and the budget you are trying to keep within.

The good news is that 3M, known for years as the pedigree for providing PPE in the workplace, have simplified the process into 2 options – powered air systems and supplied air systems, both found within the 3M Versaflo range.


Powered air filtration covers most applications, filtering harmful particulates from the air within a room to provide safe, breathable air to the user. The system consists of two easy to understand parts: the turbo pack, and a hood or helmet providing head and face protection to the user. This kind of setup is commonly used to provide unparalleled protection in such applications as factory lines, stonemasons, food producers and healthcare workers.


Supplied air systems, sometimes known as ‘fed air systems’ or ‘fresh air systems’, utilise a source of breathable air supplied by a compressed air tank or compressor, to deliver a constant clean air supply to the user. This system consists of a Versaflo V-500E supplied air regulator, the exact same head protection as is used in the powered air system and a source of supplied breathable air.

Typically, this system is required when the substance being worked with is too volatile, the workplace exposure limit of the substance is too low, or if the substance is odourless/tasteless and therefore has too low warning properties. This setup is most often used in situations using spray paints or organic vapour, such as a car respray shop or laboratory. In fact, the V-500E even includes the option to attach powered air tools such as an air spray gun straight to it, allowing you to use a single compressor for both applications.

Our team is ready to work with you to provide a bespoke solution for your respiratory protection. As leading industry experts, we will be your best choice to assist – please call us on 01903 896630 to get the right solution for you.

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