Safety during Road Construction

Safety during Road Construction

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Safety during highway maintenance is paramount for any workforce. Traditionally Hi Viz attire and steel toe capped boots are standard deployment, but what about the protection of your hearing whilst working in high noise levels and the consequential implication of physically covering your ears whilst working around moving traffic?

Productivity will inevitably be lost if you have to shut down machinery to hold a conversation. As such it’s important to utilise a product that will give the correct ear protection, has built in team communications and performs without having an impact on your awareness.

The 3M Litecom Plus Helmet Mountable headset ticks all of the safety boxes for road planning. Firstly it’s Hi Viz in colour. Secondly it will reduce your environmental noise by 31db. It also has a hands free license free radio built in so a unlimited team of people can all communicate across the 16 available license free channels.

For road planning there is one key safety feature of the 3M Peltor Litecom Plus which is ‘Ambient Listening’. This technology allows all ambient sound through to the user so they are always be aware of any potential impending dangers such as a car horn or warning shout.

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As soon as the headset detects a dangerous high impact noise it immediately shuts down to protecting the user. The advantage of this functionality is that the headset will never need to be removed once deployed eliminating any doubt if the worker is be protected. There is no need to lift up a cup away from the ear to have a conversation or take instruction as the Ambient Listening will allow external conversation perfectly clearly whilst being worn.

The 3M Peltor Litecom Plus comes supplied with a long life battery & battery charger which will provide up to 20 hours continual use.

Deployment of the 3M Peltor Litecom Plus is incredibly straight forward. Once clipped to a helmet and turned on, the users just need to select one of the available 16 channels then as a team you are set to go. No buttons need to be pressed to communicate as the VOX functionality means the user speaks and the headset will automatically open the radio channel and broadcast the communication to all users who can then reply when the user has finished what they are saying.

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Being hands free means again that zero productivity is lost.

The 3M Peltor Litecom Plus truly is the one stop communication and ear defence solution for road planning and if you would like a sample please speak to our specialist on 01903 896630.