3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air

3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air

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The 3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air solution has been the stalwart for safer breathing within the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare sectors for almost 8 years.

Out of the box the 3M™ Jupiter™ is very easy-to-use and provides protection against particulates, gases or vapours, or against a combination of these contaminants depending on the type of filters used.

The 3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air System is due to be replaced by the 3M Versaflo PAPR system

A variety of 3M™ head top and hood styles are available catering for all needs and tastes providing protection against dust and spraying water to EN 60529 code IP53.

The 3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air System also has available an intrinsically safe ATEX approved kit enhancing the Dust protection to EN 60529 code IP63 and Intrinsically Safe to EN 50014, EN50020 and EN50281 (EEx ib IIB T3 and II 2 G D).

The Small profile of the 3M™ Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit allows good freedom of movement especially in smaller spaces and the smooth shape and design of the Jupiter Air Filter Unit allows for easy cleaning.

The 3M™ Jupiter™ has an ergonomically designed belt which improves user comfort and for peace of mind it also has an electronic alarm giving visual and audible warning of low airflow and/or low battery.

Due to the durability and performance the Jupiter Powered Air system has been deployed successfully in many different sectors and industries including :

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical mixing/handling
  • Laboratories
  • Paint Spraying (not isocyanates)
  • Fibreglass handling
  • Chemical and Agrochemical Spraying
  • Welding
  • Foundries
  • Grinding

After years of service, in Q2 of 2021 the 3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air System will be finally be superseded by the 3M™ Versaflo™ system which offers enhanced performance such as longer battery life and filtration speed control. Discounts are available when upgrading from the 3M Jupiter Powered Air Solution to the New 3M™ Versaflo™ system so please do call our powered air experts on 01903 896630 for more details.

Video : 3M™ Jupiter™ Powered Air Turbo - PAPR - Upgrade to Versaflo