Welding Protection with Adflo and Speedglas

Welding Protection with Adflo and Speedglas

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In 2019 HSE (the UK Health and Safety Executive) issued a Safety Alert about changes to the enforcement of controls on welding fumes. In fact, all fumes from welding are now considered to be carcinogens, with continued exposure potentially causing various forms of lung and kidney cancers.

At the same time, welding without using a mask with sufficient eye protection is proven to cause serious short and long-term issues, including Arc-Eye, overexposure to UV and other damaging radiations, and even blindness.

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3M have tackled these issues head on using a winning combination of their Adflo powered-air units, and, protective helmets utilising the intelligent Speedglas system.

Adflo, similar to 3M’s Versaflo system, offers protection from both particulates and gases that are the bi-product of welding, with a plethora of filters available ensuring personal protection for almost any welding situation.

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Speedglas visors feature variable colour and auto-darkening filters, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to the 3M Connected Equipment App, allowing you to precisely adjust the settings on your welding helmet without the need to take it off. There are versions of this helmet to cover TIG, MIG/MAG and Tack Welding, meaning that whatever your application, we are able to offer a solution to ensure protection for your team.

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